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Morphic worlds - the affirmation of the archaic

The artist's work is based on his intensive experience with the surprisingly diverse form-giving aspects of nature, whereby his sensitivity allows him a naturalistic view of the structured diversity of fauna and flora, but also of the inorganic environment, which he expresses with his art in a searching and transforming way. 


The painter cannot ignore the norms set by nature, which are expressed, for example, through so-called "morphic fields" (Rupert Sheldrake), which, in addition to the selection of motifs, also has a direct effect on his painting techniques and the allowance of various shaping and drying processes in the genesis of the picture. He always finds in nature the archaic form-giving, the hidden truth, magic, aesthetics and mystery...  

The esteemed Spanish artist Antoni Tàpies once said: "In our world, in which religious images are losing their meaning, in which our customs are becoming more and more secular, we are losing our sense of the eternal, of everything that gives form. I believe this loss has done great harm to modern art. Painting is a return to the origins."


Klaus Rimbach can strongly identify with these words.

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