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Klaus Rimbach. . .

. . . the organic view of nature


His interest in the complexity and beauty of archaic structures of flora and fauna as well as the microcosm and inanimate nature, which he already had as a child, found creative expression in the artist's painting. There are never images - it is always your own inner expression, it is the inner images that only hint at reality and allow many associations.


As an anthropologist / scientist, the painter has a collection of skulls, bones, stones, shells, crystals and z. B. has his own herbarium, and he has gained various experiences with the microscope and binoculars. Because even in the microcosm and inanimate nature (e.g. in cell aggregates, molecules or crystals) there is an impressive variety of structures that the artist in their symmetry, mechanics and bizarre complexity always awe and experience the aesthetic-archaic to let.

The surfaces of his “morphic works ” are mostly spirited, grippy and troubled. Indicated animal and plant parts, organelles and other filigree structures of organisms and cells seem to be drifting through various liquids - sometimes pasty, sometimes transparent. Currents flow, “lichens grow” on various surfaces, morphological forms meander through the motifs, surfaces break up, are dismantled and brought together again, borders are crossed, origins discovered. Fragments from nature are concretized in a shadowy manner and seem to exist in bizarre surroundings.


You can always discover something surprising in the painter's works - especially when the light changes over the course of the day and the compositions appear different due to the changing shadows.


In our technologically advanced world, in which more and more people seem to be losing access to nature and at the same time there is a growing need to preserve it and what is essential for survival, preoccupation with the archaic, the formative and the aesthetic can make a contribution to becoming stronger again connected with nature and feeling part of it. In this respect, one can certainly ascribe a current relevance to the artist's works.




1958 Born in Nordrhein-Westfalen - Germany

Early interest in the wealth of structures in nature. As a child, I started composing pictures, collages with various materials from nature.


1979 Abitur " Internat Solling" in Holzminden (LSH)

Diverse creative training (carpentry, pottery, blacksmithing, visual design, music and art, gardening, cooking, etc.)


1980/1981 Travels to the USA, Africa, Australia.

Travelling forms. Good for the fine arts too

First experiences with sculpture and the art of the respective indigenous people


1982 - 1988 Studies of Biology in Göttingen and Hamburg

Strong interest in the morphology of fauna and flora and their representation or transfer from nature to the picture:
Cell associations, fibers, parts of plants, lichens, bone structures, articulated and marine animals, single cells, tissue, etc.

Recording of patterns, structures, structures, symmetrical forms in works of art


1989 - 1991 University of Fine Arts Hamburg + Siemens Academy Munich

Study in courses: "Painting materials and their use in pictures" with Prof. HG Müller (editor of the Max Doerner standard work of the same name). There acquisition of knowledge about working with paints, resins, lacquers, varnishes, glues, binders, primers and other binders on different Image carriers

Training as a computer graphic designer at the Siemens Academy in Munich


Since the 1990s

Hand-painted posters and large pictures - unique items for art, stage, outdoor advertising, film

Design, sales, production and outdoor assembly of large pictures (market leadership in Germany)

Large-format art and advertising projects in the entire German-speaking area, USA and Australia:

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Project exhibitions

Wrapping the town hall HH-Altona; Rama bottle Hafen HH, art projects Docks Blohm & Voss; Graffity project Hafen HH, simulation city palace Berlin; Sydney Olympics 2000 (largest picture ever in the southern hemisphere); Cladding Henniger Turm Frankfurt; Giant radio Paris; Cladding CCH-Hotel HH and many others.

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Last and upcoming exhibitions

1999 CWM Galleries Sydney - 2001 Galerie XXL-Images Sydney - 2013 Galerie "An der Staatsoper" HH - 2014 Lindner Hotel Leipzig - 2015 "Elbdörfer Galerie" Hamburg - 2016 "Kunst-Zimmer" Kontor-Blankenese - 2017 LKB / G Hamburg Gallery - 2021 Hong Art-Museum of Contemporary Art Chongqing (China), Exhibition "Body of the Object as/in Art: European Art in Chinese Space"; 2021 Art Marbella "Palacio de Ferias, Congresos y Exposiciones de Marbella"; 2021 INCorporate Art Fair Hamburg; 2022 Collective Art Show, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid; 2022 (UN)FAIR Milano International Contemporary Art Fair; 2022 Monaco Contemporary Art Fair (L'Espace Fontevieille); 2022 Art Fair Luxembourg, LuxExpo The Box, Luxembourg; 2023 "Fabrik der Künste" Hamburg; 2023 "Kunstraum Viernheim"


Gallery Representation

- Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg/Chongqing/Peking/Shanghai

- Galerie Böhner, Mannheim

- Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid


Lives and works in Hamburg

Catalogs & Documentation

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