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Rental Purchase

In principle, it is possible to purchase individual works or entire series of works in installments or to pay a kind of rent for a while.


If, for example, a doctor's office, a lawyer's office or a company wants to refit walls and purchase several works at the same time, this is possible without having to build the entire sum immediately. One can have the desired paintings delivered and enjoy them on one's own walls, although one initially only makes a down payment - the rest of the purchase price is then paid via monthly installments, with most of the rental costs being credited to the purchase price.


A smaller part can be considered like a monthly rent and mainly concerns the wear and tear of the work(s) over time, which is not only meant physically. Such a lease-purchase, which must be agreed individually, also includes the possibility for a possible change of paintings after a certain time has passed and the customer wants to purchase other works in exchange. Many things are possible, please feel free to contact me.

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