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Until February 15th, 2022: Exhibition at "Hong Art-Museum for Contemporary Art" in Chongqing (China)

Until February 15th, 2022, a selection of 8 works (see above) from my two series of works will be shown at the Hong Art Museum of Contemporary Art in Chongqing (Central China). Works of some European artists will be shown there within the exhibition series

"Body of the Object as/in Art: European Art in Chinese Art Space"

exhibited. My work can be viewed here in more detail. During the two-month exhibition, which will be visited by about 150 - 200,000 people, more image and video material will be posted. It is my pleasure to be one of a few European artists selected by a jury of curators from the internationally renowned "Pashmin Art Consortia" and the Hong Art Museum in Chongqing.

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